Monday, January 6, 2014

January Goals

I doubt I'll get out to the barn super often this month since we're still in the heart of ski season and thus me working 6-7 days a week! But for the times I do get out there, I plan to focus on the following:

  • Continue to pursue maintaining her calm demeanor: She's been really, really amazing lately. I've been checking my emotions at the door and I think its really helping. I want to make this habit very ingrained this month so that it becomes lasting.
  • Continue with further work in side reins and dressage exercises US: Need to continue this/pursue further this month. I slacked off a lot in December when skiing started.
  • Begin lateral work: Totally flopped on this in December. I know she has a foundation from Cowboy Man with this, I'd like to reinstate it and build on that.
  • Continue bareback and bridless work: We've actually been doing a lot of this! She's great in the indoor, the outdoor not as much. But definitely seeing progress. Super fun.

  • Get out onto the trails more: Two successful rides under our belts so far. Plan to keep this up with the help of our chaperone!
  • Walk-trot consistency US with bridle: This will be kept to closed in areas and on days I don't have a chaperone. I'm not sure what the disconnect is for him between movement US with and without a bit, but we definitely need to work on it!
  • Continue work in side reins: Build build build his body and mind.
  • Walk-trot poles during non-US work: Did this on the first of the year, here's hope of focusing more on it this month.

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