Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adventure is out there!

And Animal Kingdom won it by several lengths!

Did the Village People put Mucho Macho Man to music with their "Macho Man" lyrics?  Yes, yes, they did - it happened.  Loved it.  (MMM got third, by the way.)  Its nice that all these horses/trainers/jockeys/owners have bittersweet Cinderella stories - but it does make it difficult to love and hate who wins and who loses.  You kinda feel as if everyone should be a winner.  Rosie didn't do as well as I'd hoped - but I still think she's amazing.

I'm starting most of my mornings home with a walk around the yard with Kenai.  It gives him a chance to do his business, me a chance to wake up, and a chance to snap some pictures.  I'm enjoying this little routine - hopefully it continues.

Eating a Milkbone

This morning I headed out to the barn to meet our barefoot hoof specialist, Suzanne.  She trimmed both Orion and Skip and sized both for boots.  We had a lot of great little talks and I learned a ton - as per the norm.  The world of natural horse care is new and exciting to me and I'm learning all I can.  The benefits of natural horse care are too many to count!  I want the best for my horse, and I believe this is it.

After Suzanne finished, Orion and I took a short ride.  The last time his feet were trimmed he was super duper sore - not the case today!  This little horse is out to impress me.  I was hesitant about his capabilities in the beginning.  I had a feeling he would come together and be a pretty good horse, but not this quickly!  He moved forward so willingly today - ears pricked, very alert, a pep in his step.  We had a short 45-ish minute ride.  But it was really great.  Its really starting to feel like summer.  Green everywhere.  I love it.

After my ride and some lunch I headed out to see my friend Angie's new baby horse.  This little filly has yet to be given a name - they're waiting to find the perfect one to fit this beautiful little girl.

I think she's absolutely beautiful.  She looks a LOT like her dad.  His socks aren't quite as high.  She got those from her momma.  Beautiful girls.  The little filly really trusted me and would come up and nibble my fingers (she has no teeth yet), let me scratch her face, back, sides, ears, and lift up one of her feet a couple times.  So soft.  She's a little snot though!  Bullies her mom.  Head butts her momma's milk bag and then when her momma nips her to reprimand her the little filly starts throwing bucks and kicks.  Hilarious.  Super spunky.

She had her nose on my cheek and gave me kisses.
So, I've sworn off Facebook for a few weeks.  Its a little harder than I'd anticipated, resisting that urge to get on and waste some time, or to update my status, or some other insipid thing.  I'm spending a lot less time on the computer, which is really good.  What time I am spending I'm reading up on a lot of horse stuff, or, in the case of this evening - editing photos.  Well, not editing, I don't "edit" any photos per se.  I'm too ignorant with editing programs to do any justice.  I have programs, sure, but I just don't know enough yet to want to play.  My "editing" is sorting and deleting.  I hadn't done this since the first of April.  Gah!  Never again.  Never, ever again.  Sooooo many photos.  Sooooo much sorting.  Blech.  But - its done.  I really need to take time and go through ALL MY FOLDERS SINCE EVER and sort and delete more thoroughly.  But having a 1 terabyte external hard-drive that I haven't used much of yet makes me lazy.

Last night I moved all my things home.  It was thoroughly exhausting.  And might I just say - moving blows.  But, once again, its done.  And I'm happier for it.  It feels good to be settled again.  It makes the whole done-with-college bit more real.  I'm really excited.  Excited for a summer of horseback riding, equine events, playing outside, swimming in rivers, hiking, playing with Kenai - and - I hope, working my new job.  New beginnings, scary, but fun.

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