Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Blur

The Blur - it's what people should be calling me after this week.  All I've done is go, go, go, move, move, move.  One errand to another.  All things enjoyable - but so busy and constant.  Yesterday went something like this:
  • go to frame shop to pick out matting and frame for my diploma
  • go to bank to deposit checks
  • go to Angie's to help out with horse stuff since the vet was coming to town

  • hate the constant heavy rain
  • wait an hour past ETA for vet to show
  • hate the constant heavy rain

  • go inside Angie's to eat
  • hate the constant heavy rain
  • bring in Sonya's mares (near Angie's) to get Coggins and wolf teeth checked out
  • be thankful rain has stopped for a time
  • drive back to town 
  • stop and get fingerprinted for FWS
  • wait forever to get fingerprinted
  • fingerprinting
  • try to leave police station only to have little boy approach me and request for my hand, which he proceeded to examine then take in his own and swing about experimentally before releasing me to leave....what the hell, little boy?
  • arrive home to stuff food in my face and walk dog
Little bit of Maine in WV
  • meet Carly at barn
  • 10 mile ride
  • come home and run 1 mile with dog
  • stuff my face with food
  • change out computer monitor for my LCD tv so I can hook up PS2 and have it for computer - two birds, one stone
  • rearrange room aka - sort my shit
  • zonk out in bed
Ack!  I enjoyed my day, but I'm seriously booking myself a little tight.  I love being busy, however I think I overdid it yesterday.  Today has gone like this:
  • go in to bathe/groom dogs with Sonya at 9a 
  • bathe two daucshunds
  • await arrival of 4 Lhasa Apsos
  • leave to ride with Carly et al. because said Lhasa Apsos did not show up
  • chase horses around field because shitty little neighbor dog sucks
  • catch Orion and feed him
  • try to catch horses for Carly et al. and end up chasing them forever because mares SUCK
  • tack up horses and worry a little about distant thunder
  • go on ride
  • pouring rain and thunder commence
  • gallop through woods
  • pouring rain ceases
I love the view off our front porch in the springtime

  • enjoy ride with evil thunder
  • get fast food because I am starving and have not had fast food that was not a sub in a LONG time
  • stuff face and wonder why something so awful must taste SO good
  • come home and proceed to clean hoof boots, buckets, halters, lead rope
  • sort my shit some more
  • make two headstalls usable by punching leather and clipping straps
  • start laundry
  • swap monitors again because TV doesn't do photos justice - booo
  • steak, morels, fresh-from-the-garden asparagus for dinner

So, today has been a little more easy going.  Which is nice.  Its also nice to see the sun for short bursts between all these silly rain storms.  WV weather in the spring is seriously the weirdest thing EVER.  I hope tomorrow is a little nicer - at least in the morning - because it's going to go a little something like this:
  • be at barn by 630 maybe sooner to ride 
  • come home and get food, walk dog
  • bathe/groom dogs beginning at 9a
  • hopefully have break to eat/walk dog
  • head out to my barefoot trimmer's house in time to pick her kids up from the bus stop
  • hang out with super cool kids, feed/play with their menagerie of animals, do homework, and eat dinner until parents arrive home
  • return home and pack for New River Rendezvous!
  • Friday - leave by 7:30a with Chris for the NRG
I love the Rendezvous.  This will be my third year.  Between the last one and now I have successfully learned to slackline - not well mind you, but I can do it.  Chris and I are volunteering this year which excites me a lot because it will really give me the chance to meet a ton of new people since I'm working in the hospitality tent primarily (6 of my 12 horus).  Super psyched for awesome people, talented bands, great food, even greater beer - for free with entry to event!, Crouching Clowny - Hidden Monster, sumo pad wrestling, dyno competing, climbing, slacklining, yoga, interacting with sponsors, and all the other sweetness that the Rendezvous entails!  BRING IT!

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