Monday, May 16, 2011

I am

I am a college graduate.  What seemed so long-in-the-coming and surreal became real in a few short seconds of walking across a stage, shaking three hands, smiling for three pictures, and receiving my diploma in an envelope.

My brother is still in Europe so I'm pointing to him in this photo of WVU's production of The Grapes of Wrath - he's driving the wagon as Al Joad.

Arrival to the coliseum was chaotic.  Went to one room to get my reader card, another room to line up with fellow Biology graduates, and then in our single file line we wound down the stairs and out onto the covered basketball court to be seated amongst the other 20 some majors graduating.  Eberly College of the Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse at WVU.  Needless to say the ceremony was long and boring - and hot, so hot.  Biochem/Biology went first - I was the 68th person to receive my diploma.  As we filed into yet another line to await walking the stage we exchanged smiles, hand-shakes, and some teary eyes with each other.  Its crazy that after four years of stressing over - what now seem like petty quizzes and tests - we were about to graduate.  At times it seemed like we'd never get there., and then boom its happening.  We did it.
So proud of my freshman year roommate and her Order of Augusta status.  =)

I am a college graduate.  We are college graduates.

And now, the question that everyone feels they must ask me, "What are you going to do now?"  and some lead the question along with an added, "Graduate school?"  And while I can quote off this "plan" I have for myself ("taking classes online through Oregon State to obtain a Master's certificate in GIS Science and spending my summer working for Fish & Wildlife - Why? - because wildlife is different from most graduate programs in that they must have a project and full funding for it prior to advertising the position and finding the perfect student, its a back-door process") the truth is I don't know what I'm going to do, really.  

I am uncertain.  I don't know what I want to a T.  I know that the perfect opportunity will arise.  I do want to get my Master's of Science in wildlife - or maybe GIS.  I want to begin this within the next five years.  I'll be carrying 8 hours this fall.  But truly, I don't have some "big plan" for things.  Honestly, I wish people could just lay off and let sleeping dogs lie.  I'm not throwing my life away.  The bulk of responses I get when I quote off my plan that doesn't - yet - include me going off to graduate school somewhere are very disappointing.  Its great that society places education so highly, and that success is seen as education.  Education is an amazing accomplishment.  But jeebus, let me have a break.  I've got my priorities in line still, I just want to have some fun for a little while and relax.  -And by "little while" I mean a year.  That's not so much in the grand scheme of things.  And if the perfect opportunity arises before, then so be it, I will take it.  But its not my biggest priority.  I have a great job in the mean time.

I am accomplished.  I've done so much these past four years.  Stressing over so many things.  But worth it?  yes.  I'm a better, and - believe it or not - calmer and more level-headed person from it all.  Its a good place to be. 

I am happy. 

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! You have accomplished a lot and should be proud! I also like your yellow robes. I've never seen yellow before. And that's a bummer brother couldn't come, but how funny there was a pic of him right there! Lol. GREAT job! Enjoy your Summer!