Friday, May 13, 2011


The past few days have been a whirlwind of activities.  I’m doing my best to bury myself in the moment and focus on the present.  Its been easier than it used to be because of my current Facebook hiatus.  I’m not getting lost in the internet for pointless minutes/hours/etc. perusing things that aren’t really pertinent to me.  I’m reading more, getting things done when I want to, and enjoying this beautiful weather! 

 Tuesday and Wednesday were full of horseback riding.  Orion and I completed our first five-straight days of training this week.  Once we really get into the swing of things we will be doing five on two off, but he’s going to get four off four on for the next set due to my schedule.  Little horse is rockin’ it.  He’s getting in shape and its so noticeable.  Super excited about the horse he’s turning into.  So far he’s mirroring Stan – my main man for so many years – in all aspects.  He’s more level-headed and calm about things than Stan was though, so Orion is getting through things a little quicker.  Need to put some pounds on him though.  Working with my barefoot trimmer/natural horse expert Suzanne on this…  We got our boots this week!
Pretty sweet.  I’ve put them through a lot and they’ve stayed on.  Rubbed his pastern below the fetlock a little, but not bad.  Suzanne called yesterday to inform me that Renegade carries a size between the double ott and the ott which is where Orion’s feet are – she ordered them so we should be pretty set on gear once they arrive.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s rides were with Hannah and Chelsey.  Love getting out with the girls.  Its such a great time.  We’ve known each other since kindergarten, too.  Horse lovers since ever.

Wednesday late afternoon I took Kenai on an hour’s long walk to attempt to wear him out.  He hasn’t been getting a lot of exercise lately because I can no longer trust him off-leash.  His taste of freedom when he ran off was too delightful so he now attempts it frequently.  Its so hard to break his concentration from whatever and get it back on me.   So until we do some more work, on leash he will remain.  Our walk had a second purpose of scouting out a creek crossing between neighborhoods – still possible, though I will have to skirt the edge of a new house’s yard, freaking developments.  I have always wanted to ride a horse to my house – that dream is going to be fulfilled this summer.  I’m uncertain if I will complete it in a day or two days, but it will be completed.  Should be about a 3.5 hour ride one-way.  Little girl’s dream come true – I can’t wait.

--Short aside: Five days training in the saddle + one long walk with the dog + all these events with me in a tank top (shorts for the walk) = this girl getting some sweet sun!  No burning (yet) for this redhead!  Ooh yeah!--

Wednesday evening Hannah’s mom took the graduates for dinner.  It was Hannah, her fiancé Jeremiah, Chels and I.  It was really fun to sit down and talk with everyone for a couple hours.  So crazy how much we have all grown up from the elementary school days.  I’m so happy to still have such close, amazing friends present in my life after all this time.  Back in middle school and high school especially, people always write on the backs of their school pictures that they swap, “Its so crazy we’ve been friends for so long, lets be friends forever!” or some crap like that.  Well, in our case, we have stayed true to our words. 
Yesterday Kenai and I returned to Morgantown to go on a whitewater trip down the lower Yough with some friends.  Four kayakers, Radley, Matt, Katie, and – new to kayaking making yesterday his maiden voyage down a river – Jason, and Chris, Kenai and I were in the shredder.  The Lower Yough is a class III river.  It was the only river I ever whitewater kayaked.  Freaked me the eff out in a kayak, too.  (Hence why I sold my boat and bought Kenai.)  But in a shredder?!  Freaking awesome.  

In his sweet NRS pfd
Jason only swam (pulled his skirt and came out of the kayak instead of rolling back up) two times.  He did amazing.  Even combat rolled the last rapid (rolling back up in a rapid vs. flat water rolling).  Kenai did great for his first time, too, considering his hate of water.  His only vice was that he was totally cued in on land.  He moved back and forth within the shredder (which due to our lack of a hand pump only had 60% of the air it should have, haha) to the side closest to land.  He squalled, squealed, and made his characteristic gargle-squeal noise a lot while we were in the flat water section between rapids.  I tossed him in twice to make him swim around and use up some energy.  Sled dog pulls the raft pretty effectively – in the direction of land.  Due to his extended water-logged state yesterday all the hair he hadn’t blown out became loose and is now fluffin’ out of him everywhere.  Good and bad.  Good because it needs to come out; bad because I don’t have a brush in Morgantown for him currently.  

After our river adventure – which for the record was so, so much fun – we went to the Firefly Grill for some yummy food.

 They have a lot of amazing wraps, sandwiches, and salads.  I got my favorite – Thai Tofu.  Their spicy peanut Thai sauce is amazing.  It really hits the spot after a day on the river.  I love how much energy water sports take out of you.  Its so satisfying.

And now we have today.  Friday, May 13th.  The date of graduation ceremony #1.  It begins at 5:30p, though I have to be there at 4p.  So crazy.  This is the short one for the Honors College and other honors recipients.  Total of 160-ish supposed to be walking.   I’m looking forward to this ceremony because of its brevity and because I should know at least half of the participants.

The fact that college is over is still so surreal – though I’m sure this will quickly change after tonight.  I have another ceremony – the big one – on Sunday.  And then I’m done.  Four years of chaos, four years of amazing new experiences, four years of learning so many incredible things, four years of new friends and relationships – all over.  But with this end is another new beginning in the real world.  I’m a little reserved on my feelings towards that right now, but it will be a fun experience all the same, I’m certain.

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