Friday, May 27, 2011

Let go laughing.

I'm slated to begin work on June 6.  So until then I'm jam packing my days with my absolute favorite things: my dog, my horse, climbing, zip-lining, and amazing friends.

Orion is really starting to form a bond with me.  It thrills me and at the same time I feel a little guilty because I've only shared this bond with one other horse.  Its been so much fun riding every day though - and visiting him the days I don't ride.

This past week has been a blur.  And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Work is fast approaching - which kind of sucks - but I'm having a blast in the mean time.  Three huge days of activity are fast approaching.  They'll be a trifecta of my favorite activities around here - horseback riding, climbing, and zip-lining. 

Also - Kenai's remote training collar arrived in the mail yesterday.  Range of 400 yards, negative and positive tone buttons, and 8 levels of stimulation.  Now when he runs off and doesn't listen he gets zapped.  It sucks, and I feel bad, but it beats him getting hit by a car or something from running away.  Being a husky and light on his feet its quite comical to watch him when he does have to receive the shock.  Sprinting away from me dead set on reaching his invisible goal ignoring all calling and the negative tone *zap* he rockets - without yelping - into the air, spins, lands, and stares at his rear end as if it is to blame.  Oh Kenai, when will you learn?  But really - he is learning the tones quickly.  And while he doesn't run back to me he DOES stop running.  Its a productive beginning.

Not having any sort of stress is so amazing after my final semester.  I'm relaxed now - so many fun activities help, also.  Due to this I'm actually getting less sleep per night than I'm used to, but I'm still feeling rested.  I had no idea how big a toll stress was taking on me.  Its amazing to be without it - for a time, at least - I'm having amazingly productive fun-packed days.

Funny anecdote:  Due to my usual state of stress my dreams are usually ones that freak me out and cause me to wake up in a state of distress.  This is gone.  My roommates this past year got me into Supernatural.  I gobbled up all of the seasons to catch up to the current one (which I've slacked off on the past couple episodes, shame, shame).  For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows two brothers who battle supernatural things (i.e. demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc.) and has involved angels vs. demons, God vs. the devils, etc.  So, day before yesterday I'm having this dream where I'm helping the two brothers (Sam & Dean) get rid of demons when suddenly Dean becomes possessed by one.  For some reason we had to get this t-shirt on him in order to get the demon out.  Right as I pull the shirt on him and the demon begins to expel from his mouth church bells start ringing - the alarm tone I'd set on my ipod.  I sat bolt upright in bed all, "What the hell?!  Oh, oh, ooohh, my alarm.  Okay.  Haha."

Being relaxed and calm is a wonderful thing.  Its nice to be able to laugh off things again, too.

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