Thursday, August 4, 2011


Is it ironic that I title a blog post "blogging"?  Oh well.

I'm realizing how good this blog has been for me the past many months.  It gets my thoughts out of my head and in front of me on paper.  It makes me less wishy-washy in my head about things.  Its good to see things in black and white. 

I'm notorious for second-guessing basically everything.  This gives those thoughts a little more substance and calms my mind.  I sit down and write down my thoughts more often now; in a notebook, on a scrap of paper, anything, everything.  I really like spitting things out on paper.  It keeps me on track for how I want to be - who I want to be.

A close friend suggested I write a blog entry about where I see myself, who I'll be, a year from now.  I think its a brilliant idea, but I'm kind of blanking at this moment in time as to what I will write....  So, expect that post in the future ;-)  - no, like in the next week or two future.  Right now I know I need to work on a couple things for certain:
  • optimism
  • positive-self talk
  • making myself #1
  • learning how to say "no" to things I don't have time for

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