Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I would call it a wish list, but its more like a dream list - or maybe a goal list.  Whichever way, here it is:

Single horse trailer:

Austrailian Saddle

Barefoot saddle (this one is treeless)

Smart bridle hackamore (By Runningbear)



Horsehair bracelet (I could make these)

Egyptian or Anglo Arabian (w/in next 10 years)

Sweet ski pants that make me look more like woman and less like a little boy (this winter)

Border Collie (w/in the next two years?)

Natural wood bed frame (could also make with help)

Or one of these rooms...

I LOVE this one.  Hahaha.

Master of Science degree

Car rack so I can go cross-country

Mustang - probably the last thing I would obtain from this list because of the time I will devote to him one day; this image is one of the adoptable ones from the BLM this past July (his markings are beautiful!)

I plan on having most of these things with time.  Some I can make; some require a long-term commitment; some require a lot of work; others will require funds I won't have until later in my life.  All (except maybe the treehouse, haha) are attainable though.  Its nice having attainable wishes/dreams/goals.  What is nicer is having the confidence in myself to do the things to reach these goals.  I know the road to all won't be smooth, but I need to focus on all the tiny happy things along the way.  That will make bumps along the way not seem like mountains - and it will keep me a sane person.


  1. Haha. Love this. Daydreaming has been my favorite thing lately! I love the tree house and those natural wood beds! Beautiful!

  2. I love that bedroom with the horses next door! Good luck on getting all on the list! :-)

  3. What a list of stuff! :) I like the idea! i may take this at some point. ;)