Sunday, August 28, 2011


Slow week, steady week, good week.

I’m settling into this job finally. Taking it as it comes. Not watching the clock wishing idly for something more. Not powering through my workload at light speed. Leisurely enjoying what I’m given and letting the minutes slip by as they inevitably will. It’s a good place to be. Its nice to be content with what you have and not always wanting more.

I’ve done a lot of number crunching this week for my OSU courses and course plan. I think I can finish this certificate/degree by June 15. There’s still a little bit up in the air as to what courses I’ll be taking for certain this fall, but chances are very good that I will be taking 12 hours (of the 23 total I need to complete this degree). Wham, bam, done. At least that’s how it’s looking! It’ll be nice to have a little more on my resume. Some more credentials. Between this job and that degree (and some mad-awesome first aid skills acquired from my NSP training) I’m going to be sitting pretty as far as my resume is concerned come June 2012! Muy bueno.

And then? My dream [ha] would be is to move to Oregon, buy a little trailer, score another FWS position, work on getting into a graduate program w/in the next four years (before my GRE scores expire). Why a trailer? Well I mean, a little house would be acceptable, too, but basically I plan on going somewhere for 2-5 years to really build on myself and learn more about another place and I’m tired of dealing with rent and pet issues etc. Getting my own tiny place would be nice. Sell it when I am ready to move on. I’m a clean person so it wouldn’t be a dump when I was done or anything.

And my super dream [double ha]: move west, get small residence, get horse, participate in mad-awesome endurance races and live the good life, the horse life. But chances of this? Slim. Not impossible, just slim chances right now. I’m keeping my goals feasible and possible with time-limits on them right now. Knowing I’m definitely going to meet them with time is much nicer than setting some extravagantly silly goal of owning x number of horses/dogs/etc., living in such-and-such extravagant home, working at such-and-such cushy job.

Dreaming aside, back to the present…

I purchased one of these this week:

For my chair at work. Had it for Thursday and Friday, so far, so good. No hip pain like I’d been having daily. Mom said she used to have the (maybe still has?) the issue of hip pain due to the bucket seat design of most work chairs. This little invention is the exact opposite of bucket seat. Not to mention its excellent for improving posture! Not the squishiest and most comfortable thing in the world, but that is a minor defect in my mind. I’m coping well.

I also cleared out a lot of my clothes this week. I have a pile of old t-shirts to make into a third t-shirt quilt this winter, but aside from that I heaped up three garbage bags worth of clothes, shoes, bags, scarves to donate. Well, I was going to donate them, but then a former neighbor reminded me of her daughter so she picked them up instead.

So hurrah. I remember gaining stuff from a girl in my neighborhood when I was younger and how cool it was getting to use some of her stuff because I thought she was super cool. Anyways, I’ve downgraded all of my clothing to be only things I’ve had since I’ve entered college minus a few t-shirts and hoodies. Way less. Way good. Its been difficult to say goodbye to shoes because they’re not something I’ve necessarily out-grown as my feet have been the same size since 4th grade!! I am so happy to have finally downgraded to such little in comparison to what I used to have. It’s a really awesome feeling – complemented by helping others!

Ah, contentment, why can’t I always be best friends with you? We really are good together, you know?

"But hold on to what you believe in the light
When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight"
-Mumford and Sons

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