Friday, March 1, 2013

A Lesson in Hopefulness

Kenai is my daily lesson in never ever losing hope.

I prepare to leave for work in the mornings, he is ever hopeful he's going to get to go with me.
I come home for lunch only to leave to head back to work for a few more hours, he is ever hopeful he will be going with me again.
I prepare to go to a meeting or dinner with friends, he is ever hopeful he will attend, too.
I prepare to leave on a trip that involves an airplane (thus no Kenai), and he is ever hopeful he will get to travel, too.

I leave and he runs upstairs to look out the window as I back up to drive down the drive.

And yet, every time I come home he greets me as if nothing ever happened and its the best part of his day - even if it happens multiple times.

His food bowl is empty, but its not quite time for it to be full again, he is ever hopeful that this time when I walk by it might just be the time that I fill it up.
He comes to the kitchen hopeful that this time might just be the time he gets a treat.
He goes to the door hopeful that this time might just be one of those times we go out for a romp.

Ever hopeful. Ever watchful. Ever eager.

I love you, hopeful dog.


  1. Love this. Herbie is ever hopeful too :)

  2. One of the best parts of having pets. :) Loved this too!