Thursday, March 28, 2013

Renegade Sound

Happy to report that when I went out Tuesday night Q was much less tender on every surface except the walnut-sized gravel. She's definitely not tender at all in the area of her frog that I removed. The tenderness is back near her heels for certain. She's still not landing toe first, but she is choosing to land much more flat-footed with a slightly shorter stride than she did previously.

I buffed up all of her feet while she [mostly] stood like a saint. I am happy to report that with each finished foot placed on the ground licking and chewing commenced from the lady horse. When I'd finished she was even choosing to stand a lot more squared up than before. And, rather than rest the most tender right front foot, the entire time I was out there she chose to alternately rest one of her hinds - especially after the trim, she was squared perfect in the front with weight shifting back and forth in the back.

I tossed on her front Renegades and took her out for a little lunging. She acted like it still hurt a bit at first. I think she expected it to hurt so she was cautious about her movement. Within seconds though, she was moving out like normal. Renegades to the rescue! We'll ride in these for a good few weeks and then reassess how those feet feel on various surfaces. More soaking of all feet will continue until that bottle of White Lightning is used up.

She's on 24/7 turnout with hay whenever she wants it; when she gets grain its a low NSC grain; and grain is supplemented with a scoop of minerals and [now] probiotics. We'll have those feet back into awesome shape soon! Until then, booted rides. Still have a goal to do the 30 mile LD No Frills ride at the end of April in Virginia. I've just got to secure a ride there!

Now, if only this snow would disappear for good...

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