Saturday, March 9, 2013


I decided to play around with new braiding ideas for Q's mane because we have our first parade coming up in May and we may even have a hunter-jumper show, too. *gasp* Though the latter is a longshot.

At any rate, her mane is an awkward length. When I got her last June I trimmed it short to even it up because she had rubbed out the lower-middle part of it (or maybe one of the other mares ate it, I don't know). It was a good short length last year to do the hunter braids in. But, let's face it, I'm a sucker for long flowy, beautiful manes. Griffin has the thinnest mane EVER, but its long and working its way towards flowy. Q's is growing - its twice the length (easily) that it was in June last year.


Its an awkward length. Too long for hunter braids. Too short for a running braid.

And thus?

Piss poor attempt at a running braid

Exploration into the world of other braids. My favorite option and planned braid for 2013, scalloped braids.

Piss poor photo from the dying camera

Eh, eh, eh?

I'm a fan. Even if this attempt wasn't formal and looks rather sad.

But not as sad as Griffin's piddly little neck.
Hey! It may be piddly but its flexible!

And yes, yes, yes, I know some will grumble about a long mane and the many tedious things that come with it and also how it can make a horse "too hot". *rolls eyes* To this I say bologna. And I also say, I LOVE BRAIDING! Its fun. And once Q's mane is long I'll just throw in a running braid if she's "too hot".

What say you? Any other ideas to throw my way?


  1. Leave the mane down and knot lots of ribbons into it. Problem solved :) (in five minutes)

  2. I love long manes! My Paso Fino's thick, blonde mane reached his elbows. When I wanted to show it off, I'd rub a little bit of baby oil in it to really bring out the sheen. If Lily's mane were thicker (and she'd grow a damned forelock!), I'd be leaving hers long too. Check out this book: I LOVE the "braid" on the cover! I think Q's mane is the perfect length for that one!