Sunday, March 31, 2013

All is well in the world of animal

  • Q is sounder by the day on her ever-growing frogs. The walnut-sized gravel gives her no grief at a walk now and she doesn't act as ouchy at a trot on it either.
  • We had two great rides on the rail trail this weekend, both were booted rides and she moved out beautifully. (Apparently I had the zoom on in the below video.)

  • Apparently snow that has been modified by man (shoveled or plowed) is evil and a reason to spook like a mad-woman. My horse is absurd, seriously.
  • Also, snow that is not modified by man but exists by its lonesome in small patches intermittent along the trail is reason for spooking like a mad-woman. Really, my horse is absurd.
  • And snow that is consistent with random bare spots of *gasp* the ground is reason to freak-the-hell-out. Yep, absurdity. Contrasting colors make life more fun, I suppose.
  • My little cat isn't so little anymore.

HE is rocking a pink tag because I can't get a silver one in a small size around here.

  • Kenai is finally figuring out that staying in the kitchen isn't awesome. He respond to my "GO" cue to leave, but lately has been acting on his own and will leave the kitchen and lie just outside the door to wait on me. Good boy!

  • Kenai and Cheat have taken their manic playtime outside some as of late.

  • Q hates that I've added a new probiotic to her feed. She was very offended at the miniscule change (seriously, its like a tablespoon maybe), but is slowly coming around to it. Slowly.


In an effort to drop new vocabulary,
Dom, do you see the beginning stages of snowbroth in this photo?!

  • The maintenance trim on Q the other day has made a world of change in her stance. She's almost always perfectly square as she stands around now. She didn't stand poorly before, but she's never seemed this balanced and comfortable!

Sleepy sunning pony. (Modeling a saddle I'm trying to sell)

  • Renegade boots work well in snow.

  • Griffin was a huge star this weekend. One of my friends I've known since kindergarten who has been along as a fellow horse-lover, rider, etc. finally got to meet my horses and ride with me. She was duly impressed with Q as far as manners and basics go. She knows I'm an able and adept horseperson, so Q's behavior was no large surprise. She didn't realize how far I'd come with a baby horse though. Griffin isn't much to look at right now with his scraggly winter coat, but he's a really terrific little fellow for a 2½ year old. My friend didn't realize the amount of work we've done together until I showed her. I hopped on bareback with halter/lead and circled him around the barnyard for a few minutes moving him with only leg pressure. I then hopped off and had him follow me around as I jogged around the barnyard and hopped myself over a little cross rail - Griffin followed suit. Then we went inside to the round pen and I put him through his paces. Other than being a mud-covered beast, he was perfect and my friend was incredulous that body language could do so much in terms of conversation. Love this little horse! I can't wait to start doing more work with him in coming months.


  1. Glad to hear Q is feeling so much better :)

  2. Your animals are awesome. :) love the video of riding Q in the snow! Glad she's back to normal!