Friday, March 8, 2013

Film Friday: Videos from CO Skiing

- Chris skiing. I was trying to prove to him how high the rooster tail of snow off his skis is. Yes, the video is shaky, but tough. I was skiing at a nice clip behind him with camera in hand. It'll happen.

- Chris popping over King Cornice at A-Basin. Weee!

- One of the slides triggered by the avalauncher. Pretty sweet, eh?

- The super windy video of our skinning up the apron below Dragon's Tail in RMNP.

- And, finally, this gem. Not a gem because of my skiing skill - it was the first time I really made an effort to get in tele turns on a steep slope and I have a lot to improve, but that's why we make videos, to note error and help with forward progress! No, this is a gem because Chris has done it again with his epic video commentary. You may remember his former video from this post. Enjoy!

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