Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birthday Horse

The bad part about not having a papered horse or knowing  much about your horse's past means that you don't know their exact birth date.

From vettings, we've decided Q is most likely 7 years old this year. So now I've decided she needs a birthday.

I'd thought awhile that her birthday would be the end of May/early June when I got her, but most foals are born earlier in the spring. So then the question was, what date should I give her that I'll remember? Kenai's birthday is March 5. That's easy. But I don't necessarily need them to share a day.

But then I remembered May 5. It was the birthday of our family's second dog Libby who was a big part of my life from elementary school to high school. I always remember on May 5 that it was Libby's birthday. She was one phenomenal dog.

And so, because this date is already hammered in my mind, I've decided Q's birthday will also be May 5. If she's 7 this year then 05/05/2006 will be her arbitrary DOB.

So happy birthday, Q mare.

Taken today

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