Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Q update

Little lady is doing quite well. Having a babysitter with her in the barn has done wonders for her former cranky attitude about being stalled. You'd honestly never know she wasn't used to being stalled 24/7 now. She's so docile and chill about the whole thing. We've got about 2 more weeks inside and then out she goes into the field again.

Saturday while I was away D let Q and Griffin out in the barnyard for 2 hours (upon consultation with my vet) to graze. Q doesn't cavort around like an idiot, she walks faster than the average horse which freaked D out a bit, but nothing crazy. D said there was a National Geographic moment where the baby ran from across the field to see Q. They touched noses and then baby's momma got upset and ushered her away, but then realizing she actually knew Q, herded the baby back over to Q so they could graze together on opposite sides of the fence. I'm happy Q is getting her socializing time like this despite everything.

I went out Sunday morning to clean the barn and let Griffin and Q out to graze awhile. Q is in red hot heat, squatting and squirting for all horses of the male persuasion. She's not being a psycho about it for once though, she's still a little hussy, but she's not a witch. Its an interesting change.

When I get to the barn I put Griffin's halter on and turn him loose to wander the barnyard. Then I put Q's halter and the drag lead on and take her out to graze, too. Then I head into the barn open the back door (like a big garage door) so I can see more of what's going on outside while I muck, freshen, water, and put out more hay. I've got quite a good little routine, but I must say, I really won't miss having to do this!

Post-cleaning Sunday I checked on Q to find her like this:

Being a hussy...with her new fashion statement
Rope on my head? NBD
Being a hussy AGAIN, totally unconcerned with her additional head gear (Kenai smelling her hussy-ness)

Silly horse. She couldn't have cared less that she'd flopped the lead around her head. I fixed it for her and then went back to the front of the barn and put up my hammock to take a nap (I seriously slept most of the day Sunday) for an hour while the horses got some grass time.

Hammock. Q's stall is second door on the left. Griffin has been staying in the round pen.

Oh, and an update on her wound! Sorry for no warning preceding this photo other than this sentence above it... But it really doesn't look so gory any more. Its healing up so well! It really looks like it did right after she cut it now. Hard to believe all that other chaos happened and that she'll need extended time off due to the ligament.

Sunday morning
Monday night
Monday night; the drain site

Now, does anyone have suggestions for topical cremes/ointments to help minimize scarring/stiffness of tissue as this thing continues to heal up?

Additionally, I discovered on Monday evening as I groomed her and helped the shedding process along that all those pesky white hairs that showed up last September that I freaked out about being due to poor saddle fit but then decided must have been heat/friction related more than saddle fit.... Well, they're all shedding out!!

White hairs here....
White hairs gone! I love her beautiful dark coat. And no, she's not crooked, she was just contorted to eat the grass.

I suppose it really must have been heat/friction after all. Or at least something lesser to poor saddle fit. She has never ever shown signs of hating my saddle. Its nice to have this little bit of confirmation though.

Overall, Q is doing really well. She's spunky, but not crazy (yet). She's alert. She's bright-eyed and eager. She's got a huge appetite, but is still losing weight being on stall rest (sigh). I'm going to up her feed some these final two weeks of stall rest. I think she'll be ready to go out in the field for certain by next weekend. That wound will definitely be closed up! Then onward to the ligament healing... Here's to Q's youth and fitness and health and being better soon.

Bye-bye red-brown coat, hello beautiful deep-brown coat! Spa day to come this weekend! (I hope.)
>:-o about seeing her ribs though!!! I've never seen the ribs on this horse like I can now. Boooo.

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