Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My horse is awesome

Two posts in a day, yeah, yeah.

But seriously have to brag.

You know your horse is awesome when you can lead them in from the field like this:

Yes, that is my t-shirt. Nothing else. Yes we had to walk across a mucky ephemeral stream on our way in. No she didn't jump on me to avoid the water. We both walked through the muck and got messy.

I went out with no intention of bringing either horse in and found her left eye watering a lot. It didn't look serious but I still brought her in to investigate. I had nothing with me so I took off the t-shirt I was wearing and used it. <3 this horse.

Her eye was fine. Bugs probably stimulated it and made it water and there was a lot of mucus release that caused a film over part of the eye. With some careful wiping with a wet paper towel all was fine though. She was very patient while I did that, too. Love her. Love her. Love her.

Additionally, (because all of that wasn't enough awesome) she picked up all of her feet beautifully for me to pick out and rasp her heels down a bit tonight. In the past she has been picky about her hinds. Tonight it was absolutely NBD. Seasoned pro (as she ought to be, haha). Such a good girl.

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