Thursday, May 16, 2013

Q movement; Griffin work

 Miss Q: The wound is scabbing up beautifully. Yes, I have pictures, no they're not here because I'm lazy like that.

Now, opinions please on her movement. Injury was to left hind. If anything, I think she's a bit stiff on it, but definitely no where near lame. (Man, she's so dusty! I did take a cloth (aka my leather gloved hands during trimming) and wipe her down after this, haha.)

Griffin: Is a snothead still and firmly holding a grudge against me for his time in the barn prison. He evaded Jordan and I in the field even! -_- But once in, and after some reprimand during his trim, he did settle. He loved Jordan's massage while I trimmed him.

In this video he is in full tack lunging. This was within seconds of the lunge session beginning and you can see his hesitancy with wanting to canter. I stopped him rather quickly after he'd completed a succession of strides without slowing as he does best with small rewards like this. In hindsight I should have had Jordan film a little later on in the session because as soon as she stopped filming, he cantered and cantered and cantered and cantered like a perfect gentleman in both directions. A little praise in way of stopping his feet and re-directing does a lot for him.

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