Thursday, May 9, 2013


That's Griffin.

I wondered when this point would be reached. Him walking lackadaisically from the barn during their grazing turnout couldn't last forever. And not cavorting around the barnyard like an idiot had to happen at some point. Apparently a week of unnecessary stall rest is Griffin's threshold before he turns into a complete and total little shit. Okay, okay, not complete and total. But he is quite the little snot. All those crazy antics so many people deal with on a daily basis (aka people who don't ever mess with their horses enough to teach them jack) I'm finally getting to enjoy.

-upon arrival- Hey buddy, how's it going.
Let me the eff out of here.
Hey now, stand still so I can put your halter on then I'll let you go wander the barnyard eating grass.
No, let me out NOW.
No. You WILL stand still and you WILL be polite while I put your halter on.
Fine. *stands like a gentleman and gives me my space*
What a good boy! Okay, here you go *opens gate of round pen* be polite leaving the -
*Griffin tears out of the barn like a madmen for the first time ever, gravel flying*

-later on- Griffin, I need you to stand still so I can trim your feet.
*dances left and right*
For serious, bro, STAND STILL.
*allows his foot to be placed on the stand and rasped twice before dancing away*
*gives me an innocent, sheepish look before cocking his foot again for me to trim*
Thank you. Finally ...
*dances away in a circle, knocking over the stand in the process*

-after a little over an hour of grazing freely around the barnyard - Griffin, let's go back in.
No. I'm going to run away from you.
Griffin, this is a silly game, seriously, lets go back in. There's grain in there for you, I swear.
Absolutely not. * gallops away again*
Griffin, this isn't funny. I have to go.
You're right, its not funny - it's hilarious!

Okay, okay, I recognize that these antics are minimal compared to rude behavior a lot of people endure, but they're very out of character for my little guy. I don't like a rude horse. Mine are almost always perfectly behaved on the ground. I tell non-horse people that meet them every time how they likely won't experience other horses this well-behaved. It seems like a "normal" thing, certainly, but a lot of people don't put that kind of time into their horses. Griffin especially is just so chill; its just his [usual] personality. I describe him to people as my "big dog" because he will follow me around and do just about anything I request of him.

Not now.

Yeah, Griffin, we know. Not now. One week of stall rest is your threshold before you reach the crazy-line. I can't wait to see what you're like NEXT weekend around the 17th when y'all are DONE with stall rest.

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