Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Well, not-so-little man, you're three!

And finally starting to look like a horse and not a baby! More and more of Griffin's expressions strike me as "horse" now and not so "baby". His mannerisms are still goofy more often than not, baby-like frame of mind. But physically, he's much more horse.

Its weird coming to the "he's finally a horse" conclusion because he was so small for so long. He still is small, all things considered. But height-wise, he's passed Q now. When I see him in the field, I still think of him as being much smaller than he really is, but once he's in and I'm working him, not so much. Riding him and having others on him really hits home how big he really is.

Dee and I and others all thought he was going to be such a little guy. Dee remarks weekly how he's surpassed all of her expectations. He was a bit scrappy when we got him.

Oh the change.

And more evident change? The comparison of him working in March of last year (first video) and this week (second video). HUGE difference.

Watching the old video again lets me really see the faults I had when working him initially as I was learning about groundwork, body language, and pressure from my body. Hard to believe there was a time not very long ago when I really didn't know how to work a horse from the ground very well.

Griffin has allowed me to learn so much in the groundwork realm. And what I've learned has completely changed my whole way of being around horses. Its made me so much better.
I've got Griffin to thank for that.

His mind, his willingness, his forgiveness of all my beginners errors. He's been a phenomenal teacher even at his young age.

Thanks, little (you'll always be to me) man. Can't wait to learn more from you and teach you new things in coming years.

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