Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not so stuck in my ways

You've seen the photos of me as I have decided I'd be more ballsy and become comfortable jumping in the last year and a half. You've seen my chicken wing elbows. Ask Dom about my closed fingers and release issues.

So why, I ask you, WHY did I start these antics with my arms and hands and fingers when in my past I looked like this?

I literally laughed aloud when I found this. Its actually a still from a video that is likely buried on a CD somewhere in my collection of things from HS. I was probably a junior (maybe sophomore) in HS here. My friend Carly and I would build jumps in the woods on trails - always a a slight uphill - and then jump them repeatedly and take lots of photos and videos.

Stan wasn't too bad a jumper.

And I guess my position wasn't too awful either for having absolutely ZERO instruction about jumping at that point in my life. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA. Only what I caught in fleeting glimpses of Olympic footage or still shots as we didn't have horse channels. Oh to be young and ignorant without knowledge of injury and consequence.

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