Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Fauxssoa

Before I forget to post these (again)...

Griffin's 3 year old stats
Height at a solid 14.2hh
Weight taped at 770#

I realized his height last night when I walked around his bum, tracing my hand up, over, around as I do, and lo and behold - my arm really has to go UP now to make that maneuver! He's not some pipsqueak anymore at all. While not quite the mass of Q since he's yet to be balanced out in the muscling realm, he's definitely got height. I can't deny that.

I'd like to see him muscle up and put on more weight over the next few months. Hoping the Fauxssoa will help the muscling and feeding grain after will help the weight issue. The goal currently is to do 3 20+ minute Fauxssoa sessions/week.

Because I made new reins/tailing line for Funder, I decided I would just get a lighter rope for the Fauxssoa. The retired climbing rope I was using prior was bulky (which I think helped in some ways) but it was bothersome to deal with every time. The rope will now be used for making reins through the years as its the perfect diameter (in my opinion). It may not be safe to take a fall on anymore, but its definitely got tons of life left as reins!

Griffin had a lot of spring in his step for last night's workout. However, it seemed that each time the camera came out he lost that spring. I recruited the fence as a tripod for my phone and filmed. Better, but not his best cantering of the evening (I think this is partly due to the noodle riding up on his rear [wow, one could really take that sentence out of context]). Dog chasing is a must in all videos apparently. These two, I swear.

We're getting there. I'm having a blast working with him steady-like as I did when I got him. He's having a blast having a job again. This horse thrives on work. His eyes seem so much brighter after our sessions. I'm excited to see where the next few months will lead us.

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