Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reachy reachy with hind feetsies

Dog chasing aside...even if Kenai eggs Griffin on and wants him to do it...

He's looking lots better! I hope to keep him to three or four 20-30 minute Fauxssoa workouts a week for a month. We'll reassess and see how he is after!

He's really learning to use his body much better with the Fauxssoa. Saiph thinks I should roach his mane when he develops a nice neck; he has the thinnest, most pathetic mane ever! We'll see. I think as the part that he pulled out in the hay feeder grows longer I'll trim the rest of his mane to match. Then maybe I'll consider a roach...but its taken him 4 months to grow it an inch....sooooo. Haha.

The key to lunging him in the Fauxssoa right now is keeping him very forward moving. I'm glad he's capable of a western pleasure jog, but its completely unnecessary right now. I'd rather him scooch those hind feet under himself and really move.

An added plus to using this device and doing increased workouts with it, is that it is teaching him that some pressure on his mouth is not the end of the world at ALL. Before, he'd get very offended at continued contact. He's still super soft about cues, but not so upset (crow hopping) when they're applied. He just stretches and tucks his nose to the contact instead of trying to bully away from it. I see this being a wonderful thing as I begin riding him more in coming months.

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