Friday, May 2, 2014

California Photo Journal III

Waking up in Yosemite to this towering over us was humbling to say the least
Smiles! And obviously still very sleepy. El Cap in the background.

El Capitan is also the photo above this one, blogger won't let me caption it for some reason.
Gooooood morning.
Valley View.

Tunnel View of the valley
And then there were big trees.
Fence and pathway for scale. BIG TREES.
Oh, and some cars for scale, though the distortion from the lens screws with the scale
in this photo a bit.
We woke up.
I would later regret having that jacket on our hike. Mike would also regret the sweater.
I'm 5'6" and my wingspan is something like 5'9", BIG TREE. =)
Clothespin tree on the right
Fallen Tunnel Tree
Towering giants around the Fallen Tunnel tree. Look closely and you can see Mike striding all sasquatch-esque
within the fallen tree's base.
I leave him unattended for one moment and this happens. Sigh. lol
I loved the vibrant green moss that grew on many of the trees. So pretty!

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