Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You know you're an endurance rider when...

 At the last minute this morning, I needed to find a container to take some creamer to work for my hot tea. I've been out of creamer at the office since early April in anticipation of being gone for most of the month; I haven't remembered to buy more yet, life being what it is. The carton I have at home I wanted to keep at home and there was no time to shop for another before work.

I rummaged through my tupperware shelf in the pantry looking for something small enough to hold cream for 2 or 3 cups of tea. Nothing was quite small enough and I felt silly taking anything larger than necessary.

I scanned the drying rack by the sink and spied the syringes I'd cleaned from the endurance ride that had held Q's electrolytes. Hmmm....

Yep. Perfect! I'm certain my coworkers will think I'm borderline crazy, but oh well. It really is the perfect solution to take creamer for the amount of tea I typically consume through a 10 hour day at the office! (4 10s, baby! 3-day weekend er'ry weekend.)

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