Saturday, May 3, 2014

California Photo Journal IV

The valley from Inspiration (Artist) Point
Florida boy can't get enough sun. I frolicked about taking photos while he basked.
I love this shot.
Manzanita (I think)
Mike loved the red-orange striations on the bark
I leave him alone for one second and he's walking the top rail of the bridge over the Merced
The Merced, tossing and turning as it descends after dropping Nevada and Vernal Falls
Looking upstream toward Vernal Fall
Vernal Fall - MUCH larger than it appears in the photo!
Enjoying the view, and the mist
Over the edge she goes! This is the waterfall 3 people died going over accidentally last year.
And *poof* you'd be GONE.
Rapid right above the falls.
Emerald Pool with the Silver...curtain? I think that's what the slabby rock leading to the water's edge was called.
*Wading* not swimming.
Mike did a really awesome job with this shot. He nabbed my camera without telling
me why and instructed me on where to stand then snapped it.
Bridalveil Fall
Mike on Cathedral beach with El Cap in the background
Yosemite Falls as seen from the swinging bridge
Little chapel in the valley.
The Ahwanee. The big beams that appear to be wood are concrete.
A stunning structure nonetheless
Mike climbing on El Cap
We had to say we'd "climbed" it. More like climbed *on* it.
Trying my hand on El flip flops.
One final parting shot of the valley as we headed home. Bridalveil Fall is the waterfall in the photo.

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