Monday, July 14, 2014

A Busy Weekend in Photos

Kenai returned to his crag dog life this weekend.
Mike and I finally headed out climbing together at Summersville Lake.

So content to lie and wait for us to move along to the next crag.

A dirtball he is! But a happy dirtball.

This panorama is quite overexposed, but beyond the
cliffline and through the trees is the lake.

Obligatory ass shot. I was cleaning gear and about to rappel down.

Patient husky ball waits and watches the boats on the lake.

Mike and my ass as I prepare to rappel.

Rapping down from Chewy 5.10b

Photo posted to Instagram of me being a goon while I was rapping down.

Mike top roping his last route of the day. He'd previously led 4 routes.
By this point, he was tired and our neighbors offered to let him shoot up
this route on TR to work through the pump (fatigue through his fingers
and forearms).

This was Mike's first day back climbing in about 5 years. He really killed
it! He led a 9, 10b, 7, 8, and TR'd a final 8. Solid first day back at it.

Happiest husky!

This husky's name was Derby. He is 2.5 years old and is Kenai's twin in all things awesome.
He was well-behaved off-leash with a recall (with e-collar backup like Kenai), was quiet (no crazy husky noises), and loved
swimming! He and his owner (in the water) swam out to this rock together. Kenai had swam out with Mike and I already, so
the two huskies had a Husky Rock Party on the lake. ;-)

Such an awesome husky! Gives me hope that I will indeed be able to replicate Kenai's grand husky behavior (recall) one day
with another husky!

We had dinner at Pies & Pints afterward. Mike's first visit. <3 this place.

Our new arena is finally complete!!
The first event was this weekend, a cutting compeition!

Choosing a cow from a deep cut.
The trainers all stayed to the outside and helped each competitor to keep their cow within the regulation area.
I adored this trainer's little horse. So compact and athletic! In fact, nearly every QH there was compact and agile. It was so
nice to see working QH instead of the behemoth things that have been selectively bred for halter and other show ring classes.

Our arena comes with quite the view! Such a beautiful facility. I look forward to riding in it in coming months!

Saturday night I attended my first bachelorette party. The bride (childhood best friend) wanted us all in animal print for a
"wild" night. Here we are leaving the hotel to head to dinner.

The bride.

Mirror selfie!

T and I drank two of these massive alcoholic drinks at Hibachi. The center is 151 and, yes, it is on fire.

The drink came with these excessively long straws.
T and I were amused.

Obligatory photo of onion volcano on fire on the grill.

We stayed in this colorful location. It was a hotel, casino, dog track all in one.
I would watch greyhound racing and gamble for the first time in my life on this night. Penny slots all the way, baby. lol

I cheered for Brickhead Britt here. I tended to cheer for the smallest
dogs in each race...or the one wearing the yellow silks haha.

T's snapchat of a race. Dogs on track to right of photo.

All the lovely ladies.

On Sunday I headed out to the barn to help out my BOs as they let some of their friends learn about horses.
Griffin and Q served as kids playthings for a good hour, maybe more. They were both so well behaved.
Q even had a boy on her who had never ever ridden a horse before.

Griffin kept walking his front legs forward in search of grass while refusing to move his hind legs until he was so stretched
out that he nearly fell down. It was comical.

Stocky mare is stocky. And in amazing shape. Both she and Griffin got a wealth of compliments on this day.

CHAOS in the barn. We moved them from this 30' round pen to the 50' outdoor one after this.
They basically walked the horses around playing "bumper horse" with them until we told them they weren't allowed to let
the horses touch one another anymore lol
Children. Parents. Horses. Dogs. CHAOS.

Much better! Far more space to plod about. Child in yellow rode Little Bit, other kids rode my two.
And yes, no helmets on children. Smite me now, O Internet! Release forms were signed.
BOs and parents were decision makers in this instance. I was but a minion.

Kid on Q didn't have stirrups and had never ridden before! He did an amazing job and Q was a doll. Griffin did very well, too.

A lackadasical Q.
Leadropes on round pen because each child was led there by an adult.
They were only permitted to "steer" their own mount when in closed areas.

Q's rider's dad hopped on Griffin for a go. He even took Griffin on a jaunt around the barnyard outside of this round pen.
Griffin continued to be a doll about everything.
I was very proud of my horses on this day.

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