Thursday, July 17, 2014

Horse Home Art

Amanda from An Eventful Life queried what horse art we have throughout our homes.

Here is what is in my apartment through some shotty phone pictures.

Oil paintings of Q and Griffin by Mandy

Photos from every 50 I've ridden except No Frills 2014
And my 250 mile AERC patch
And a doodle by Saiph
And Kenai's portrait by Saiph
And a little horse on the lamp

Old calvary stirrups and a snaffle bit above the front door entry

Antique horse weather vane

More photos of the horsebeasts
A hand crafted bronze statue of a foal; this is one in a series of only 200 that the artist did
It was my final gift I ever received from my grandfather before his passing

A paper cutting of mare and foal in background with a horse figurine from Greece that my friend Carly brought me from her travels

Horse string lights

A metal horse cutting
An old picture of harness horses in the street of some city...and a greyhound

A miniature figurine of a colt

...which makes me realize I forgot to snag photos of my carousel horse figurine and two small horse ornaments.

Hipstagram/Instagram shots of Q and I that my friend Dominique took

A cross stitch my Grammie made for me when I was a kid.
This piece has been present somewhere in every place I have ever lived.

Pictures in the bathroom

More detail of photo on right above

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