Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend Preview

The answer to yesterday's WW query (sorry for no face photos as he was very IN my face by the time I got around to trying to get any) is 32. Major is a 32 year old TWH who lives in the pasture around my apartment.

: : : : :

I am excited to see these familiar faces from the blogosphere this weekend as the Endurance Trifecta (ahem, Beka) convenes in my home state.

Dom & Mike with Herbie & Julio
Dolly Sods, WV
September 2013
Saiph & Charles (can I use real names now that you've shared them??)
Dolly Sods, WV
June 2014

As for details on our shenanigans and adventures? You'll just have to wait until Monday! <3

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