Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two Month Change in Grey Horse

May 7, 2014

July 9, 2014

I'll take it.

Slow, steady increase in his workouts between then and now.

In a month's time preceding the May photo, he'd done ~20 miles.

In a month's time preceding the July photo, he'd done ~40 miles.

I anticipate his workouts will increase a little beyond this mileage-wise this month and next, but not by much. The increase in mileage over the next month or two will be in response to great weather and fun opportunities, not because I'm making an effort to work him *harder*.

With an increased level of chaos to my life that will arrive at the end of the July due to wedding season being in full swing, his workouts will slope off. We ride with greater frequency as time and opportunity allow.

Additionally, with any harder-than-normal workout, Griffin gains even more rest time. For instance, he had 4 solid days of rest following his 10 mile jaunt on the *flat* rail trail at a nearly 10 mph average speed. Increases in both quality and quantity of workouts earn the grey horse increased time off. It is a good system so far.

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