Monday, November 21, 2011

Gatsby Horse @ Auction Broker

I'd noticed this boy last week and posted him out on my Facebook and since reading Adventures in Colt Filly Starting's post today I feel I should throw out his information for others in my area who are close and may want him.  (As for me, I have not the money or the time this boy deserves at this point in my life.)  His name is Granville.  They are offering him up for $6,000.  I hope he finds the home he deserves, the horse market these days is very sad.  As a friend stated the other day, "I wish people could be more responsible and not breed everything that has a uterus or balls", crude, but so, so true.


11-15-6 - Bay Warmblood gelding blaze 3 white socks approx 16.1 hands and 6 or 7 years old w/t/c takes a jump branded back hip which looks like a RPSI/Rheinland brand.  Reportedly wound up here because the owner didn't pay board - we do not have the papers yet so placing without them.  They do have proof of purchase for horse. 
Video jumping first jump 2nd jump and eval of moving off leg
With the amount of inquiries we don't know how to offer him fairly to everyone.  He is an opportunity of a lifetime and a fraction of what they sell for.  They have decided to still allow our clients the opportunity to purchase him rather than sell him through their other outlets that deal in/specialize in higher priced horses. 
Just in received information that this horses sire is Gatsby and his name is Granville.
Color: blk/br Height: 17.0

Gatsby pedigree picture and info passed the 100 day stallion performance test in 2007 held at Paxton Farm in Batavia, OH. Gatsby is approved for breeding in the BWP, CWHBA, RPSI, and Old/NA & ISR. In what the judges called, \\The best class of stallions ever,\\ Gatsby scored a 9 for character, 8 for temperament, 8 for willingness to work and 8 for general jumping aptitude.
Available we have had many inquiries  Reinlands typically are very expensive jumping horses usually commanding a 20 - 50 thousand dollar price tag.
Info from last owner:
He had a passport and papers. He was awarded Premium foal. He is a super sweet boy. He was born in Oregon. Granville is 3/4 TB and 1/4 WB. He was purchased for $4,500 as a yearling. He was always best marketed for dressage or eventing. He is brave and willing. He comes from a long pedigree of dressage horses, his mom was also a dressage horse too.


  1. I love the Gatsby horses!! He's a stallion I had looked at when first investigating breeding - too much work importing semen.

    There was one at an eventing stable up here - he's successfully competed down in the states now - nice, nice horse!

    :( Such a sweet looking fellow...

  2. So I've been keeping up on Reader, but haven't been on the laptop to comment in awhile! I wanted to tell you congrats on being chosen for that thing you were chose for (I can't even remember what it was called now! Ha!). I'm glad that happened on a rough day so you could be cheered up. And I hope your job thing works out too!!!