Monday, November 7, 2011

More jumping

The only editing I did was adding the title clip, text overlay, audio clip, and clipping out of all the slow transition parts.  The first clip were our first couple jumps after the warm-up.  The second clip are the last five or six takes.  The greater lighting quality for this video definitely shows my self-taught-ness; I'm somewhere along the learning curve, as is Stanley.  We're learning to read each other still.  The first two jumps in that second clip he had some giddy-up I wasn't ready for, as he'd been a gentleman prior.

These videos are my first rough editing attempts.  More to come I hope!  This little phone is pretty bomber!  I'm going to ask for a GoPro for Christmas - yeah, that's right whitewater paddlers, the equine world uses those babies, too!  [And I will subsequently use it for skiing & climbing amongst other stationary pursuits!]

The first song is a clip from Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum and the second song is Transmission94 by Bonobo for any who are interested.

And this is how we ended our ride, we're kinda broad in our interests. ;-)

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