Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meditative Driving

Lately I’ve done a lot of driving.  To Morgantown most weekends (90 minutes one way), to NJ and back a few weeks ago (6-7 hours one way), to and from another local place to ride (25 minutes one way), and back and forth to ski patrol training (35 minutes one way).  Except for ski patrol, I’m almost always by myself – well, Kenai and I. 

I used to really dread an oncoming trip in the car.  The long drive, the monotonous road, the dealing with crappy drivers who suck.  Not so much now.  I still get peeved when people suck at driving (i.e. not putting on their blinkers and just randomly slamming on their brakes at the last possible moment – or slowing, slowing, slowing, slowing, turning without indicating it), but overall I’m really happy to get out and drive.  It gives me time to myself.

The longest drive – to NJ – was made possible with audiobooks.  This was a first for me and I’m definitely hooked.  It made all that time in the car seem like NOTHING!  I definitely need to walk around a Barnes & Noble perusing for some more audiobook ideas soon!

Shorter drives I spend thinking or belting out all the lyrics I know to songs on the radio or one of many on my ipod.  Bless that little device, it keeps me sane.  And bless the poor dog who has to listen to me as I experiment with harmonies!

I mull over so many things in my head with nothing but Kenai (who sleeps most of the time) and the radio to keep me company.  I’m able to sort through things in my mind and make better sense of them; to organize my life; to arrange a to-do list; to sit and be content with how lucky I am and how many things are amazing in my life.  I never dreamed driving would be so meditative for me, but I’m glad it is.


  1. I think I need to get on the audio book bandwagon. I drove back to my home town this summer (16 hours, one way!) and only brought my iPod. Everyone told me to download a few books to it, but I didn't bother. It was a loooooong drive, just me and the dog. After I listened to all my favorite albums a few times, I just wanted something new! Did you listen to novels or non-fiction?

  2. I've never tried audiobooks...I may have to think about it though, next time I go on vacation anywhere. Thanks for the idea!

    And the whole meditative driving thing is how I am when I really sit down and write out my thoughts without anything to distract me. They just flow and I sort through everything going through my mind as I write...It usually ends up being a huge jumbled mess to anyone else who might read it, but by the end, I feel like I've really tackled stuff that has been bothering me.