Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the love of all things horses

This upcoming weekend I will be participating in a team penning event.  I know very little of the sport, but its bound to be a good time.  I’ve been working weekly (which became nightly as of this week) with the big-brown-lady, who we’ve been calling Merrylegs – nevermind that she’s hundreds of pounds larger than her namesake.  She’s a sweet girl and is very responsive to my requests. 

She's stocky
Some nights we ride western, some we ride English, some I just jump on bareback
Later in the night I had her trotting over the tarp and then she even let me drape it across her back.

OH!  Kenai went on his first trail ride(s) this week.  Mini ones just around the property.  I've always put him in my car (where he has lots of room to lounge) while I ride if he comes out with me.  He's never been loose while I was on horseback.  He listens extremely well so far.  He even came over and "heeled" while I was mounted, sitting on the ground to my left.  What a good boy!  && he played very well with some kids last night.  I knew he was sweeter with kids, but it had always been in passing or with kids at least 8 years old.  These two were both younger.  The lunging he usually does to get a tennis ball he completely refrained from while playing with them.  Super impressed.

Practicing my mini-vault from the ground by her head to her back... And now I see how I should remedy  my mistakes
Granted, I've found in the past that the more I practice and develop the muscles needed to do this the easier it is.

The lady who keeps Merrylegs has invited me to go to the Equine Affair with a group of them.  I’ve received this invite from multiple people over the past six years or so, but I have yet to go.  In the past school has ALWAYS been in the way.  Well guess what, NO MORE.  And, conveniently enough, that weekend I have Friday off work due to my flex schedule.  We’re leaving Thursday night so I doubt I’ll have to take much work – if any – off at all.  I’m really excited to finally go – even if my dream of going just to see Monty Roberts doesn’t come true.  Stacy Westfall is slated to be there, D told me.  And we’re going to see Fantasia, booked the tickets already!  Let's hope I don't spend toooo much money on more horse things I can't use for lack of my own horse!  ...even if I am drooling extra sloppily over the prospect of my future-ARABIAN-super-star more than I should lately.  Must. Keep. To. Mantra. "Get job. Get settled. Get horse."


  1. Good luck. Even if you don't really know what your doing I am sure you'll have lots of fun.

  2. Sounds like a blast! Good Luck. She looks like such a sweet mare.