Sunday, January 29, 2012

He can...

  • give to pressure
  • respect your space
  • lead
  • walk on top of a noisy tarp, even if you're flapping it while he's standing on it
  • pick up his feet - but not consistently
  • get into and off a trailer like a gentleman
  • lunge
  • stop when you say "whoa"
  • not balk when a fuzzy blanket is flapped near him or tossed on his back (even from a slight distance)
  • speed up when you cluck or smooch
Can you say quick learner?  Its amazing what consistency and an immediate praise (release of pressure in most cases) will do for a horse.  Oh, and he nickers when you arrive.  He's trying to weasel into my heart, little devil.

Ideas for this week:
  • more work on getting those feet to be picked up, he'll need a trim and I'm hoping it can come in the next two weeks if I'm consistent and persistent
  • more lunging
  • more exercises giving to pressure
  • obstacle courses to walk around, over, through, spin a circle within, back around, etc.
  • more silly random things to desensitize 
  • a bath from the knees down to get some of the perma-mud off his legs and so I can get some decent photos
  • a walk or two outside instead of just work in the barn

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like your making great progress with him. Congrats!!