Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm a dreamer, but not the only one.

Ah, dreaming, its what gets me through the slower parts (read: less action-packed) parts of my day.  Aside from the obvious dreaming about future-super-star, my dreams of late have consisted of the following random things:

Having an Elliptical – Skiing is AWESOME for getting me back where I want with cardio fitness.  I can cover so much ground and work hard while having a ton of fun.  Unfortunately this will end come April.  I wish I had an elliptical to keep up with my cardio fitness when it ended.  My ankles are poo-tastic from swimming, as I’ve stated before, and while I’m definitely working to strengthen them, they’ll never withstand what they once did.  (I still hope to one day accomplish running a ½ marathon, though!)  How perfect would an elliptical be?  I could watch TV, read a book, listen to an audiobook, read/catch up on blogs, all while exercising.  I try to stay away from the TV now because I do nothing but lie around or eat while I’m watching it often times, but if I had an elliptical I could make some rule about having to exercise while I watched a show.  One day, I will do this.

Toilet training the cat(s) I will one day have – I grew up with kitties.  Once I’m settled I plan to get one, probably two.  A good friend recently adopted two littermates and is in the process of toilet-training them.  I agree COMPLETELY with this decision and think it is absolutely BRILLIANT.  Like her, I love kitties and cuddling with them and laughing at their antics, but kitty-litter DISGUSTS me.  Cat shit particularly strikes a chord with me.  Yuck-o.  (Yes, my cats growing up were all indoor-outdoor, but as a semi-bird-enthusiast I plan to have indoor kitties.)  So, why not toilet train the little devils?!  Lots of folks have done it.  Hello, Meet the Parents/Fockers/whathaveyous, anyone?  I’m not saying I want the kitties to flush, but imagine the $$ saved buying kitty litter!  Maybe I’m absurd, but this sounds fun to me.

Amp up my GIS skills – I think about this often at work.  I wish I was super savvy and could do all the super-cool things that Arc software allows one to do, but when it comes down to it I’m still a nature nerd.  Wildlife is what tickles my fancy more than mapping.  I’ll run out the door any day to bask in the sunshine following some creature rather than sit at a computer.  Due to this, this dream is unlikely to come to fruition.  But, I am picking up bunches of skills along the way with my continuing education via the interwebz through Oregon State.  Becoming proficient enough to produce maps that make me happy and get the point I’m trying to convey across is enough for me!

What fun/crazy/silly dreams have you come up with lately?


  1. WHAT?! Potty training cats? I've never even heard of it, but that's awesome! I'd take a pet that's "potty" trained for sure! You should buy cats and toilet train them and then sell them. Because I'd buy one! Haha.

    And good luck on the elliptical! We had one and never used it. I prefer the treadmill, but I also don't do things like ski.

  2. Good luck potty training the kitten (when you get them)

  3. I wish you could potty train horses. Or maybe just "house break" them like dogs. I hate it when you bring a horse inside, and they immediately soil the nice clean aisle. They had all day to do that outside!!! Ugh.

  4. I fully agree about the cats. Some thoughts - mountain biking?? you could get one of those stand things to put in the house. Triathalon?? Or this one - it interests me - there's a local club that does it in a park near me.
    It might be up your alley. lol