Monday, January 23, 2012

To have a horse

Well, I don't think I'm going to adopt one of those Arabs after all.  I do plan to donate some money to the rescue who is doing all they can to get them out of there.  Thinking into and talking more about the logistics of it all with horse friends led me to the decision that I'm not ready to take this step quite yet.  In fact, I've received multiple emails about my job applications I've sent out in the past two months.  (Most saying while I'm eligible I'm not the BEST candidate so my name hasn't been referred to a hiring official, SIGH.)  But these got me thinking and realizing that to commit whole-heartedly to a horse that needs that much help may not be wise.  I worry I wouldn't be able to provide enough for him as my own life may be uprooted soon.

However, I have potentially put some wheels in motion to take on another Arab X and train him for several months either until I leave, until he finds a better home, or until I fall so deeply in love with him I take him with me, haha.  We'll see where this goes, but I like the option better as the horse is local and healthy and I don't run the risk of introducing any pathogen or pest to my friend's healthy horses.

More wheels turning: I'm nearly certain I will be getting future-super-star at the end of the year.  Friends agree that the price for one of these weanlings is more than fair for the caliber of horse these folks breed.  I hope to line up a trip to Idaho mid-late summer to see the 2012 foals.  I intend to get a colt if the right one arrives.  This means that by the time he's ready to leave his momma I'm BOUND to be settled somewhere in some sort of job.  ...and if not then I don't know yet.  But here's to hoping I have something of permanence with stability.  I am very excited about the prospect of having  my horse by next year.  Training others in the in-between time will help prepare me and give me ideas for all the different ground work exercises I want to do with him one day.