Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga Update: In Which I Critique Myself...

The yoga-ing goes well.  I gettin’ ‘er done a little or a lot each day.  Other than general flexibility progression, my core is getting stronger, I’m more aware of my breathing and can use it to calm myself, and I’m feeling more balanced.  I’ve begun to accomplish some poses that I had made a goal to reach.  The more intense arm-balancing poses will take more time, obviously, but I did hold a balanced handstand for a few seconds.  I’ll take it!  (By the way, most awkward thing ever to set the camera timer then rush into position!)

Weeeeeaaakkk ankles.  My back could be a little straighter and a little less hunched.
Little better with both back and ankles.  Left arm looks turned inward a bit.
Could probably bring my body up a little, need to get those shoulder blades on my back more.
Lazy back arm.  I guess 'cause I can't see it I forgot about it?
Bakasana!!  I'm getting there.  I can hold it for a second or two now.  Sometimes three or four!
Would like to see myself up on my shoulders a bit more.
Better flexibility will come with time...and not being rushed into the pose w/in 10 seconds.
Probably need to roll my shoulders back.
Handstand attempt
Losing it, evident by my L hand...