Friday, January 20, 2012


Tell me about experiences adopting horses!  I am in dire need of a project horse while I'm still here - honestly don't know if/when I'm leaving as my job situation is different depending on who is asked.  At any rate, there was a herd a 50+ arabians that was taken over by a rescue group after the owner died in WV.  If they have a mostly healthy one, I'm going to take it and work with it.  Project! 

Suggestions?  Opinions?  Comments? 


  1. Depending on the horse's history you should be looking at a mostly blank slate. Take it and have some fun!

  2. Have you tried calling the number yet? Someone said they attempted and the number didn't work? Hopefully it does! 'Cause you should. :3 I'd think as long as the horse hasn't been like... 'physically' abused you should be good to go. The younger ones kinda sound like they were left out to just be horses. If that's the case I think it'd be pretty cool for you to work with one from the ground up. : )