Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Griffin Runs

Arrive 5:15p; catch horse @ 6:45p.  He was a little asshat monday night.  And I was disgusted with him, but I couldn't let him get away with it.  The other horses did make it a little harder than it should have been, I think, but it didn't excuse his behavior.  I finally gave into it being a long night and just walked round and round the field putting pressure on him making him move his feet.  D and her husband finally stepped in and decided that he needed to be chased with the 4-wheeler as my walk - to prevent busting an ankle or something in a now rock hard foothole from when it was muddy - wasn't fast enough to do much good in putting pressure on him for long.

I pulled Duke and Wrangler out of the field to take his two main buddies away.  Bill has been lame and usually doesn't partake in the games the other three (1.7 yr, 4 yr, and 6 yr olds) are always involved in, so he got to stay in the field.  Steve and I gave Griffin a lot of chances to come to me, chasing slowly, but he STILL wasn't at all interested in coming in.  So we revved it up a lot of notches and really put the pressure on him.

I've never ridden a four wheeler quite like that - I was passenger in this case, I drive like a grandma on those things.  SUPER intense, a little scary, and a lot of fun.  Griffin did give in after about 15 minutes of hard zig zagging chase all over creation at full speed - let us get to the inside of the circle he halted dropped his head, licked and chewed.  Good horse.

Oh, and there was finding out this little tidbit: Little man is capable of at least a 32 mph gallop.  Go little horse! 

Once he surrendered was tuckered out, he got to stand and not have to move his feet while tied up by the barn.  I applied SWAT to his evil bug areas (they're already SO AWFUL!), rasped his feet, and then curried and gave him his some feed once he'd cooled off.  Hopefully he won't pull this shenanigan again.  It was a good lesson learned on both our parts.

I found his color!  One of my couple purchases from Equine Affaire.

He'll grow into that saddle soon enough.  Measuring his legs with the little tricks out there all have him coming to ~15hh!


  1. Yuck, running from you in the field is the second most infuriating thing horses do! (Not trailer loading is the first, IMO.) Hopefully you made an impression on his peabrain!

    Love that red on him!

  2. He's too freaking cute!

    As for the dentist you mentioned, does she travel pretty far? I'd definitely be interested, but I don't know how far she'd come and how economical it would be for me to have her come...maybe I'll shoot her an email...

  3. I couldn't get videos to play, but those pics of Griffin are great. He looks amazeballs in orange/coral/red!

  4. He must have talked to Pippi about running away, she does the same thing. That is totally his color too!