Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yoga Update & Recipes

Yoga update – I'm back to it.  Shoulder is feeling better, but mostly I need to maintain my back, its been hurting more lately and I’ve even gone so far as to visit a chiropractor – something I previously didn’t put a lot of stock into.  My ankles are crap, my shoulder is becoming crap, but I cannot let my back get to that point.  The only reason I do minimal efforts to maintain my ankles is because the issues I have with them don’t have any influence on my horseback riding or skiing - and honestly, I've been to PT for my ankles and have attempted a lot of different things for them since the issue began, gawd, 6 years ago?!  If my back goes to pot, goodbye riding, goodbye happiness, goodbye life.  I will be one cranky, sad individual.  So, its time for me to learn how to maintain and improve whatever I've got going on.  My hope is that yoga will help strengthen all my problem areas - especially my back.  The relaxation benefit of it is great, which is bound to help my body in more ways than one.

Battling TMJ and having a mouth appliance (retainer and night guard) has really altered my diet to encompass a lot of soft foods as I've adjusted to having said appliances.  I was one of the lucky ones as a kid who never had braces, a cavity or anything.  My bite is perfect blah, blah, blah.  But stress through college led to me clenching and grinding my teeth at night which led to the tempromandibular joint becoming a bit off which led to clicking while chewing, pain, a locked jaw at times, and waking up multiple days a week with a headache.  Yay... not.  But perhaps YAY because I've found new and strengthened old favorite recipes because of this!

New: Egg-in-the-hole, avocado style.  Pretty basic, made the same way as egg-in-the-hole with bread, but use an avocado instead!

Since my phone ate the photo I had of my food, I
thought this was a cute substitute.

Grapefruit avocado salad: Two ingredients that complement each other so well, but that I never considered as a good match.  Just grapefruit and avocado - no dressing needed!

At two o'clock in this photo is the salad

Bagel thins with almond butter and bananas: I eat this for breakfast lately.  Nutrious and filling!

Old/improved: Tuna salad.  Previously my tuna salad consisted of tuna, mayo, and relish.  Thanks to Pinterest and the interwebz, I now have added paprika, cumin, and onion/garlic powder to the mix.  SO tasty.  Especially when you live on the not-coast like me and all tuna is strictly from a can.

Seasonally improved: the version of tortilla española (typical recipe sans onions since - while I really like them - prepping them/cooking them KILLS my eyes and I'd just rather not deal with that) I love so much has had ramps (an endemic species of leek that grows in our WV woods in the spring, similar to garlic) added to it lately.  My breath reeks, yeah, but damn, the combination of sauteed potatoes, ramps, and egg goes so well together.  Its quick, its easy, and its soft - my new requirement - so I'm thrilled with it.  And you can't really go wrong with raw ingredients like that being super unhealthy or anything.  =)

Ramp & spinach pizza:  Another great seasonal use of ramps.  Nom, nom, nom.

Have you found/improved/rediscovered any recipes lately?  Please share!


  1. lol Loved it. Also wear a mouth guard and have TMJ issues. I'll email you how to release it. lol

  2. I love yoga! Looking forward to taking some classes and getting back into it after I move. It's been so long since I had a class that I'm not sure about my form anymore...

  3. I made ramp burgers the other day! where I chopped up the bulb part of the ramps like you would garlic and mixed it into the hamburger meat along with some garlic powder, white pepper, and just a tad bit of cumin. DELICIOUS!