Monday, April 9, 2012

Things You Only Hoped For

How true is this for you?  I can't help but feel overwhelmed thinking about how true it is for me.

- I have a horse, my childhood dream for as long as I can remember
- I have a Siberian husky, another childhood dream
- I have a job doing something I enjoy that has me headed in the direction I've dreamed of going (not the horse riding professional job though ;-))
- I've been to some truly amazing locations around this little planet and seen so many truly incredible things
-Wolves in Yellowstone NP was one of these incredible things
- I've built and developed friendships that have led to me getting to know some truly PHENOMENAL people; each of these people has taught me something new and treasured about life that I would be a little less for without knowing

 Now think about your list, it really makes the day seem so much brighter for knowing.  It makes me think of the Sound of Music when Julie Andrews' character teaches the Von Trappe children to think of their favorite things when things are rough.  How much better is it to think of this list and realize some of those favorite things are dreams/wishes/hopes come to fruition?  I think its far superior.

It really turned my really crappy day completely around - right in the nick of time as there are only ~2 hours of this day left.


  1. So true for me. Thank you for posting this. I really needed it this week.