Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ride - complete with map!

A map of our ride; I adjusted the map to show all the forested area with trails I have yet to explore!  I'm so excited!

Kristen over at Sweet Horse's Breath talked about the Endomondo app a week or so back.  I downloaded it but this was the first I've actually used it.  I enjoyed it so much - and it didn't burn the battery on my phone as much as I'd thought it may - so I bought the pro version!

Average and high speeds, elevation/altitude measurements, and of course knowing how far we went and from where-to where is so valuable!  I'm super psyched to start tracking all our rides. 

Today it was Mayer, me, Kenai, and Griffin.  I started off ponying Griff, but he's all rambunctious and shit now, so I took a page out of Dom's book over at A Collection of Madcap Escapades and trusted in Griffin's herd-bound nature that he'd come with us.  I had a bareback pad on him - just to get him used to a little something - and so I just took the lead on his ponying halter and daisy-chained it through a D-ring on the pad.  He followed right along!

I got tired of her crazy mane and braided it

Kenai led our ride, Mayer and I in the middle, and Griffin trailed behind.  We climbed a mountain, crossed a stream and puddles, walked, trotted, cantered, and even did a little gallop.  Griffin would get no more than 200 ft. behind on the wide open logging road we were on, and he stayed closer on the smaller trail.  I was very proud of both him and Kenai for staying so near - Kenai more than Griffin in that aspect!

When we got back within sight of the barn Mayer started jigging like a royal you-know-what.  Matters weren't helped in that Griffin had taken off full-out Arab gallop, tail flagged in air, chasing Kenai.  Mayer even popped up a little with me and I ended up having to get off her and walk her down the big hill in the field.  Griffin and Kenai ran and played all the way down the hill and into the field, then stopped, realized we weren't there and stopped.  Griffin looked up at us, tail still flagged, then galloped back to us.  Of course Kenai followed.  Too freaking funny.

And I'll leave you with the first time-lapse shot of Griffin:


  1. It's always exciting to be able to trust your horse to stick around off the lead. Griffin is going to make a nice little trail mount!

  2. That baby horse looks GOOD now. What a beautiful place to ride. Sounds like a great day!