Monday, April 16, 2012

More on that later

I went to Equine Affaire in Ohio this past weekend - hence my absence - and it was amazing.  More on that later.

Griffin is getting bigger and more beautiful every day.  More on that later.

Kenai and I will be making our return to the world of rock climbing this weekend!  More on that later.

Big accomplishments at work make me happy.  No more on that later, as it would bore everyone.

I have a couple recipe, yoga, and craft posts planned in the near future, so, once again, more on those later!

Hope everyone is enjoying their unseasonable weather and staying safe from tornadoes (for those of you who are plagued with them)!

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  1. Thanks for stopping me and staying hi at Equine(: it is so great to be able to meet someone who I have been reading all about for months. Glad you enjoyed yourself as well.