Monday, April 23, 2012

April Snow

Photo credit: Whitegrass XC Ski Resort; taken April 23, 2012

Not exactly thrilled about this.  But it is what it is and it will be gone tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Griffin gets his tootsie's done again.  I'm going to be able to catch him...I hope?

In other news, I may get to ride in the LD/endurance ride this August that our riding club hosts (its on the AERC calendar for the first weekend of August; Ride Between the Rivers - a 30 and a 50 through beautiful WV woods and mountains).  Remember the pretty dun horse from the barn - now known as Duke?  Well, he's of age for LDs and we've joked about how he'd probably excel at endurance since he's so I put it out there to his trainer that if he helped with conditioning (as I'll be gone 3 weeks of June for BCHA/LNT training) I'd happily pay the entry fee and ride him in the LD in August.  If he does well, then he could be sold for more.  Miles and experience for Duke, fun and learning for me, and more money for the trainer.  Trainer-man said we'd figure something out.  So its not an absolute "yes", but it's not a "no" either.  We'll see!  If it does work out, I have trails leaving from the barn that are very, very, very similar to what the ride is held on so we'd be very prepared.

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  1. Snow: better you than me! It FINALLY seems to have quit snowing here. Got up to 90 yesterday and almost 80 with thundershowers today!

    Rides: Squeee, fingers crossed for you! That's super exciting. A hard 30 is a great first ride. I hope it works out!