Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

...not quite wordless because its Tuesday night.  SO, HA!
**Update:  Received word that my position (contingent on funding) will last thru April 2013.  Good news.  Being "on the bubble" with a job that could end due to lack of funding is a bit nerve-wracking though.  But the knowledge that I have time post-September of this year is good.  Hopefully I can build funds, get horse trained, and find a permanent position by Winter '12-'13.  Until then, its nice to be able to breath easier.

A gigatomondo post on my glori-fantabulous vacation complete with a bazilla-dillion photos & videos is in the making - where "making" should read "I have uploaded all photos to my computer and have hopes to edit them somewhere in the semi-near future and post them out for all my adoring annoyed public".

In HORSE news,  Griffin got humonda-ginormous tall while I was away.  Several inches, I swear.  Or, it just seems that way at least.  And he lost a ton of his nappy hair.  And he is super playful.  And he's a speed demon - he chased Kenai at a gallop for the fun of it, would rather canter than trot, instead of walking to me he gallops.  And I love him.

He's lost weight?!  His length increased and his girth decreased which brought the weight estimate down 50lbs?!  Somebody please indulge me on why this is occurring, I'm a little baffled - but not overly concerned.

One of you conformation knowledgeable people, PLEASE assess this guy and tell me what is good/not good about him!  PLEASE!

Another crappy phone photo - but compare to 12 days ago
Yay!  Not so nappy haired!  Not thrilled with these odd spots though, anyone know what's up with that?

I also can now report that he is 13.2hh.  It looks like he should definitely mature to be 15-15.1hh which thrills me completely.  I like a good 15hh horse.  I like tall horses.

In KENAI news, I missed him.  I love him super mucho.  He won't leave me alone too much because he's afraid I might leave him or something.

He got to come to work with me today and was so happy
Loch Ness Kenai ATTACK!


  1. Loved the vay-cay pics!

    Griffin - he's half TWH, right? He looks nice to me. Good back, not too long or short. Nice withers to hold the saddle. Good shoulder angle. His head is not huge, it's roomy to hold his extra brainpower. Repeat this over and over. Most gaited horses are more cow-hocked but I won't hold his straight hind legs against him. ;) Pasterns aren't too long.

    Does he maybe have some Appy in him? Spots on his gums? Dunno, it might just be some random chimera spotting or birdcatcher spots.

  2. LOL - Griffin? I thought he looked a bit narrow through the hind and bit turned in at the hock. However, that being said it's very normal for them (particularly in QH) to do that as they grow. PS my vet told me that. Love his rump! Power there.

    And it's completely normal for them to plump up, grow, lean out when spurting, and plump up again.