Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Falling into place

I think things are finally starting to fall into place - big decisions need to be made still, but things are really looking up.

I went home yesterday for an interview with the Fish & Wildlife Service.  It was my first REAL interview.  You always hear about the possible questions you could be drilled with, but some how, some way I've never been in an "official" interview like that.  I wasn't prepared - so I had to just be myself and move on.  I hope it was worth it.  Questions like, "Describe yourself in so many words...", "Describe a situation when you...", "Explain a time when...".  The only one they asked that I was all hey, I got this, booya was, "List computer programs you are familiar with and explain your proficiency with them."  Score.  I know I excelled in that department.

Overall, it was a great experience - whether I get the interview or not.  So bravo for that.

All these big life-decisions lately - so overwhelming.  Where is Never-never-land when you need it?  Wendy?  Peter?  You out there?  Goodness grief.  I believe in fairies *claps hands*.  Can I please fly now?

After the interview I went to see Orion.  That little horse is after my heart - seriously.  He was ridden with burs - his forelock was a horn, his tail was a mess too.  I picked them all out and braided his tail.

Not because it "looks pretty" but because its a practical means of keeping burs to a minimum.  He's got a pretty nice ass for a paint horse too!  (Sorry, bit of horse-talk-jargon-stuff there.  Not trying to be crude.  A horse's hindquarters are just kinda a big deal.)

Typically horses as green-broke (unstarted, inexperienced) will freak out over every new thing - especially anything having to do with their legs.  A horse's legs are his life.  They are flight animals, they need them to escape.  But yesterday, when I put gallop boots (velcro'd leg wraps) on his forelegs he was completely okay with it.  In fact, he was completely okay with everything!  We went on a four or five mile ride on our own and he was completely cool with it.  Didn't want to go back to the barn and the other horses at all.  Completely willing.  Tried to kick the dogs a few times....but whatever.  Such a good boy.  It was a really great day.

Black boots on his forelegs; his head looks huge for some reason in this picture...
Silly dogs

Amusing anecdote from today:  Woke up this morning really early to do some last minute studying - Kenai decided to help.

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