Saturday, March 19, 2011

The start of relaxation

Ah, spring break.  I feel lighter and care free after only one day.  The realization that I don't have to go to class next week makes one Saturday all the more amazing.

I had an easy morning watching a lot of Netflix documentaries - my newest obsession on there.  Secret Yellowstone, Secret Yosemite and the Babies movie that hit theaters were all on my hit list this morning - I don't really plan out what I'm watching, that's just what happened to interest me this morning.

Once afternoon rolled around Chris and I headed up to Point Marion to swap out a bad case of beer my dad got for a good one - some how the distributor gave us a 2009 case of beer, yucko.  Also picked up a case of Dogfish 60 IPA - I'm pretty eager to see what its packin' since I've recently decided I don't mind IPA's too much.

After the Pt. Marion trip we ran a couple errands and I picked up the dog I'm babysitting for today and tomorrow.  We then headed up to Dorsey's Knob to meet up w/ some friends for an afternoon cookout.  They brought their dog too - it was kind of crazy.  Overall a good time though.  I'd never been up to Dorsey's in all my years living in Morgantown which is kind of surprising considering how close it is to everything - and by "all my years" I mean four, haha.  It was kinda cool up there.  I much prefer the rock outcroppings with a more scenic vista than one of the city of Morgantown though.

Grabbed some Coldstone after walking Sunny home and packed my bags for my spring break exodus.  Four days of horses and baby bears followed by three of climbing and DC await me - along with some pesky scientific articles to read...  I'm super eager to have time off to relax though.

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