Thursday, March 10, 2011

Longing for Summer

Its rained all day here.  All day.  And its supposed to snow a few inches tomorrow.  Ugh.  We have seen nothing but gray skies for days.  Its really starting to get to me.  Usually I end up miserable due to winter gray skies far before now.  That whole seasonal depression thing or something.  I just miss the sun - or maybe my shadow - either way.  Meh on all the drab, dreary weather.

It's caused me to just long for summer all day.  Even those super muggy days we seem to get around here.  At least there is an escape into an air conditioned house.  And the sun is plentiful.  I'm so tired of wearing "winter" clothes.  I'm ready to wear light fabrics.  Flowing dresses, short sun dresses, skirts, shorts, tanks, tees, bathing suits.  I'm ready to wear sandals - to run around barefoot - to feel the grass and mud between my toes.  I want to go camping and sleep out under the stars - with no blanket.  I want to hear the birds - and see them flitting about - all the neotropical migrants that return to these mountains each summer.  Its happening some already, but I'm ready to hear more of the robins and their angry chortles and calls when they get mad at one another or other intruders.

I'm excited to see Orion lose his fluffy winter coat.  I'm excited to see his lighter summer color and the dapples that I've been told he has.  Summer means he will have gained weight and I'll be able to ride him bareback (poor guy is too bony currently).  I can't wait to just ride in shorts and barefeet.  Completely hippie, but whatever, it makes me happy.

I can't wait for all the trees to flush out their lush, green leaves.  To walk under their canopies.  Oh!, and I cannot wait for the cicadas and crickets and katydids and all the other night bugs.  I love, love, love falling asleep to the sounds they make.

Summer, where are you?!  Warm nights, hammocks, camp fires, s'mores, tall grass, lush leaves, warm breezes, singing birds and bugs, swimming in the many things.

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