Monday, March 21, 2011

A rainy day

This morning was full of busy, and then the rain came and everything calmed down - a beautiful relaxing evening was revealed.

Woke up and attempted yoga - ended up just making fun of the narrator and the guy demonstrating the poses.  I'm sorry - but I need a bit more peppy of a video if I'm going to get back into it - I need another video before this process can begin.  I'm excited about the possible balance benefits I will reap from yoga though.

The rain has been on and off all day.  Ran some morning errands hoping it would stop - but it didn't.  So we went out to visit Orion anyway.  I'd visited and brushed him out yesterday - no riding.  And no riding again today due to the weather.  He hadn't rolled or anything - miraculously - so there wasn't all that much to brush.  Took Carly's measuring tape to him to see what his height really is.  The people we'd gotten him from had said 15 hands, but I wanted to see for myself.  He's like a half inch under 15 - but I'll call him 15 for all intents and purposes haha.  He's shorter than Stan by at least three inches.  (You measure a horse from the bottom of his fore-hoof to the top of his withers (top of shoulder area before mane begins).)  I swept out the barn and rearranged it a bit.  Tried to clean up some.  Its kind of a mess in there.  No room for my saddle or anything - I leave my halter and bridle there and live out of my car for the rest of it.  Speaking of BRIDLE!...the new one came.  I will put it on him tomorrow and post pictures.  I can't wait to see how it looks on him.  He's gonna be completely decked out in red accessories in no time at all.

Upon arrival home Chris decked himself out in climbing gear and grabbed a handsaw from the garage and scaled our big red oak in the front yard to down some branches for us.  As he was finishing the weather started moving in and ruined any other outdoors plans I had for myself for the day.  Meh.

So we settled inside with the dogs and an FX rerun of Iron Man - love that movie.

As the storm moved in I went out to take some pictures - before, during, after and the like.  I absolutely love thunderstorms so, so much.  Huge lightning strikes hovered in the air a few times this evening.  The rain and gusting wind pounded against the skylight.  There is a chain of thunderstorms set to fly overhead tonight - in fact I just heard another boom of thunder outside!!  I love thunder!!

Fresh steak - and yes, I say fresh because the butcher is just a few miles down the road and butchers daily, yum, yum, yum! - for dinner complemented with sweet and red potatoes.  I love meat.

Its been  pretty relaxing day over all.  Barefeet and skirts were broken out of my wardrobe for the first time in 2011.  Felt good.  I can't wait for more warm weather and spring happiness. 

From the yard to brighten your day - we must have several thousand of these

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